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The distance between where you are today and what you want to achieve doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Go for it. You belong at the top. 


Reaching the pinnacle of success in real estate isn’t an easy climb. Don’t settle for a mediocre plateau. Go higher. You deserve it, and you’ll love the view.

Living Our Purpose

We are a company of creators, thinkers, listeners, and innovators, but most of all we are facilitators of transformation for agents, brokerages, and franchise networks.

The Real Transformers

We’ve transformed the lives, careers, and business results of real estate entrepreneurs and sales based organizations in over 39 countries. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Partners in Success

Our learning programs, consulting expertise, and performance strategies can help you break through your most challenging barriers to success and achieve more. Ask us how.

  • Mindset 103%
  • Visioning 98%
  • Strategy 85%
  • Execution 93%
  • Process 91%



We’re honored to have worked with great minds at the world’s greatest real estate brands.

Feeling Stuck?

Mediocrity resides in the valley of indecision.

– immoHQ, Words of Wisdom Series

Our work and real estate industry insights have been featured by the following media properties…

“I first met Jim in the mid 1980’s when we were both young boys! He awakened me to what recruiting is all about and helped me realize recruiting good people is the oxygen that gives a brokerage life. His material is just as relevant today as it was back then. Jim understands the art of how to help people make decisions. He is a proven expert in many areas of real estate and an asset to everyone he works with.”

Bob Clarkson

Broker/Owner, The Alliance Group Realty

“I have worked with Jonathan for more than a decade…Jonathan is a fabulous strategic thinker with incredible strengths in systems development and marketing. His “can-do” attitude permeates all that he does. If you need a pragmatic, strategic thinker who knows his way around systems development, marketing, and consulting, he is your winning candidate!”

Julie Garton Good, DREI

Founder, International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

“Great job, Jonathan. You made us better today! Here’s a comment from one of our agents: ‘…Mike, I just wanted to let you know that all the agents are in agreement that this was probably the best speaker that NP Dodge has ever brought in…’ ”

Mike Riedmann

President, N.P. Dodge

“Passionate and empowering training with a focus on results. If possible, please join one of their sessions to fire up your career in real estate.”

Edwin Markus

Regional Director, RE/MAX Netherlands

Transforming lives and real estate careers worldwide.

Empowering the success of our clients and their organizations operating across 39 countries and 4 continents. It’s our mission. It’s who we are.

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